Monday, January 3, 2011

adjust.IT - Advanced Geometry Realignment

The assets of a distribution network are documented in a GIS relative to a base map. The base map originates from authoritative sources or internal data capture either in raster or intelligent vector format. The base map contains cadastre elements such as boundary lines or buildings and topographic information such as curb lines, therefore defining the geometric reference for asset documentation.

Base Map Changes 
Due to content updates and spatial accuracy upgrades, the base map is subject to continuous change between a few centimetres up to several metres. Significant positional changes in the base map can often result in lengthy, costly and error-prone rectification procedures to the network.

adjust.IT is a complete and integrated Smallworld GIS solution to overcome the problems of base map shifts and network adjustments, maintaining database integrity and avoiding version conflicts.

adjust.IT is a globally proven Smallworld GIS product offered as a standard Smallworld component and is independent of customer-specific data models. Both simple and complex geometries (topology) are supported.

The software architecture consists of two main components:
• An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface guides the user through a step-by-step intuitive process flow.
• An efficient and reliable Alien Coprocessor (ACP) guarantees a rigorous least squares adjustment result for very large data sets in the fastest possible CPU time (~2,000 unknowns/sec).

adjust.IT was developed in Melbourne, Australia by we-do-IT Pty Ltd and is used in production in Australia, New Zealand, USA